Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uncorked Understandings- A Wonderful


When A Wonderful (Tim Wilson) released this album, I highly doubt it was released to foster strong emotions of melancholy and hope, but with the presentation of this work, he did exactly that. Sweet and succinct (only about 12 minutes long), Uncorked Understandings has an ever present theme of the once-were theres, the never-were theres, and the still-arounds in relationships. With melodious drum beats and heartbreaking lyrics, Tim Wilson is a deity among the depressed, indie rockers of the 21st century. Although things end on a high note, it leaves you yearning for more, and sadly enough, no other release has been assembled to surpass the greatness of Uncorked Understandings. Give it a listen and experience it for yourself, I guess.

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